About Me

Hi there!

Welcome to my site PaintingBuzz.com

I’m David Grower, an amateur artist, keen DIYer and now more recently also a blogger!

I setup PaintingBuzz.com so I can write about all the painting-related guides and tips I’ve learnt over the years!

My background was actually in the corporate world but it became too difficult for me to do the stressful rat race, look after my family & indulge in my painting habit ;->

Initially art and painting was more like therapy for me but now its a passion and I’ve even managed to scrape together an income out of it here in Canada!

I am constantly learning and if you are also an aspiring artist browsing for tips & guides, then please do take a look around the site!

If you want to reach out or have an idea for a new guide then please let me know here!

Good luck in your journey!



David Grower