Best Animals To Draw When Bored?

Animals To Draw When BoredJust as a writer always has their notebook, an aspiring artist should always have a sketch pad handy. Whether you are on the subway or bus on your way to work, killing time for the rest of your lunchbreak, or simply stuck at home with nothing to do… sketching can put a little magic into that time and hone your skills in the process.

Today we’ll talk about animals to draw when bored that go well together. Birds, cat, and dogs may be drawn with a handful of simple lines or made more complex as your ability grows. Put together on the page, they can be incorporated into chase scenes that make them highly entertaining as well.

Let’s talk about animals to draw when you are bored!

Drawing Birdsdrawing birds

Birds are fun to draw and they really don’t get old. This is because you can make them as cartoonish or detailed as you like. With so many species out there, when you start adding color then you’ve got an enormous well of options to draw from.

Start off simply, with cartoonish birds or you can go more realistic by breaking down a picture of a bird into its composite shapes. Perk the tails up or inward, wings may be folded or flexed, and play around with open beaks and tilted heads… you’ll never run out of combinations.

Since we’re doing our best to have fun with it, to encourage yourself to practice the set of animals that we are recommending today, we want to set up a fun ‘chase’ type scene, like you’d see in your favorite cartoons growing up. The bird wants to get a worm, so it’s gotten up early and maybe even wrangling a wiggly one right out of the soil.

Creeping up on it, either on the ground, the roof, or a tree branch – however—is our next animal and it’s fun to draw too!

Cats are fun to draw, too

Cats are fun to draw, tooCats are fun to draw on their own but mixing them into a scene with another animal really ramps up the fun level. You don’t have to get ‘cartoonish’ if you don’t want to, but these creatures look interesting however you decide to draw them. Whether your cat is simply a set of distinctive eyes in a dark bush or exploding into view from a pile of autumn leaves to catch the delicious bird that you’ve just drawn, these animals are good practice and always a delight to draw.

As with birds, you can learn to draw cats with a simply breakdown of their shapes. A circular head, with 2 triangular ears, with an oval body, 4 oval paw pads… and don’t forget the tail. You should start off with sitting cats and then work your way up into various new positions. Stalking, pouncing, or my favorite… jumping backwards in surprise!

As it turns out, our final animal to complete our fun little sketching set is the bane of most cats everywhere – enter, the dog!

Draw a dog to keep that cat in line Draw a dog to keep that cat in line 

While cats are fun to draw for their sleek shapes and those overlarge, almost alien eyes, I like drawing dogs for their wide range of facial expressions. I’m not sure if it’s the product of anthropomorphizing these animals or simply the fact that they’ve been hunting with humans for a long time, but I think dog’s faces have a wider range of expression than most animals.

For instance, have you ever seen a dog that should look scary, but someone manages to bounce around, looking friendly and almost ‘goofy’ in its joy? Suspicion and surprise look funny on these animals as well. A Slight tilt of the head, widened eyes, or a tightened, almost-determined clench of jaw lead to a wide range of emotional expression.

Smiles seem to be built-in on many breeds, so start with smiling dogs, or have fun with tiny dogs barking at a cat slightly bigger than they are. Just make sure that the trifecta is complete with the simple formula of bird wants a worm, cat wants the bird, and the dog wants to get the cat… It’s one of my favorite things to doodle when I get bored and it never gets old.

If you don’t feel like making yours so comical, you can draw them realistically or get experimental by learning to draw anime animals. I’m including a great little 3rd party gem in this article entitled “How to draw anime animals” that is well worth the click, just in case you are interested or simply curious!

In closing

When it comes to animals to draw when bored, it’s hard to be the classic triple-combo of birds, cats, and dogs. Birds are fun for their wide range of species variety, while cats are always elegant whether they pose or pounce. Finally, doggy facial-expressions complete the trifecta and with just these 3, the combinations that you can whip-up are practically endless.

So, give these 3 a try and see what you think! Once you’ve played around a little with various doodled scenarios, you can easily expand your drawing options with my guide called 100 Fun Things To Draw For Practice And Fun! but I really recommend starting off simple with cats, dogs, and birds.

These cartoon favorites bring the nostalgic value to drawing practice and it’s a great motivator to help you to quickly learn!

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