What Is The Best Paint For Aluminum Siding? [2021]

Best Paint For Aluminum SidingFinding the best paint for aluminum siding can be a chore. There are so many brands out there that it gets confusing and before you know it, you’ve left with some off-brand that’s going to chip or crack after only one year! Thankfully, there are some brands out there that have earned a following for themselves and we’ll be sharing those today with you. We’ll also throw in some aluminum siding painting tips so that you’ll have them when it’s time to put on that first and second coat.

Without further ado, let’s discuss painting tips and the right paint for you!

Rust-Oleum 7213502 Hammered Metal FinishRust-oleum hammer metal finish

Our first entry is Rust-Oleum’s Hammered Metal Finish and it’s a good looking paint for your aluminum siding. This oil-based paint cures in about 4 hours and has a silver finish, though other colors are available. This color does not require primer and it’s a great for concealing dents, scratches or rusted areas and each container will cover about 100 square feet.

Two coats are required to get the ideal look, so you may want to get a couple of cans. If you have any leftover, it comes in handy with just about any metal that could use a new coat or some touching up. Finally, the coat that you apply is highly weather-resistant, and its good for masonry, concrete, metal, wood, and more, so if you want some solid paint from a name you trust you could do a lot worse than this fine paint from Rust-Oleum.

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The One

the one paint and primerNext up on our list of best paint for aluminum siding we have ‘The One’ in White-Matte finish and this is a water-based paint that is both a paint and a primer in one! If you don’t want the White-matte then you’ll be glad to know that this 2-1 product is available in 12 different colors and it also only requires a single coat. It is good for many different types of surfaces, such as brick, glass, stone, plastic, metal, and more. If you get a couple of cans you’ll have more for your other projects and that single-coat requirement will definitely save you some time, so we have to say that we like this product a lot. It doesn’t streak and it’s thick enough to apply to uneven surfaces, so consider ‘The One’ if you want a good all-purpose paint that you can use for more than just your aluminum siding!

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OneSource has a wonderful product in their VinylRenu line that is great for restoring color to your siding. It’s easy to use, just clean the surface, let it dry, and apply the product and you’re good. It is a water-based product and it also comes with a powerful cleaner so that you can make sure that the surface that you are restoring is ready to go once it dries. While it’s not technically a paint, we wanted to include this just in case you are having trouble finding a match for your original siding color or simply want to restore your siding to it’s former glory. While this technically disqualifies it for ‘best paint for aluminum siding’ the product is simply too good not to list.

So, if you want something that lasts a little longer than paint and makes your siding look like new, consider this product from OneSource. You’ll be glad that you did!

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“Cleaning is a must before you apply paint or primer to your aluminum siding.”

Tips on painting aluminum siding

Now that we’ve showcased 3 of the best products out there for painting or revitalizing your previous paint, we’ve got a few tips on painting your aluminum siding:

  • TSP (trisodium phosphate) – Cleaning is a must before you apply paint or primer to your aluminum siding. Trisodium Phosphate is available at local hardware stores and it is ideal for this. That said, it can damage your plants, so if you have some flowers or bushes nearby then spray them down first before you begin cleaning the siding and cover what you can with some plastic tarp. Alternately, you can also use a product called ‘Simple Green’ that won’t hurt your plants and cleans your aluminum quite well.
  • If metal is showing, priming is still a good idea – While many of these products state that no primer is required, if metal is showing from underneath chipped areas then you should consider using primer anyway.
  • Don’t use an acrylic primer – An oil primer and then a latex-based paint are a good idea. Acrylic primers sometimes come with ammonia in them, so though they are often recommended if your acrylic primer has ammonia then you might find that the paint is damaged after only a month.
  • Airless sprayers are your friend – An airless sprayer fitted with a .017 gun tip can really help you to achieve a smooth coat of both paint and primer and you can do it in record time! Just a little food for thought.

Some final words on the best paint for aluminum siding

We hope that this brief exploration into the world of be st paint for aluminum siding has helped you decide on the right paint for your next project. Just remember, if metal is showing that primer is still a good idea, and don’t forget to clean the area well and to let it dry before you get started. A little preparation now means no headaches later, so be sure to do it the right the first time and we wish you the best!

Best Paint For Aluminum Siding

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