Best Paint Remover For Concrete Floors!

Best Paint Remover For Concrete FloorsEver wonder what is the best paint remover for concrete floors? While opinions vary, when it comes to something as durable as concrete, I like to save time by simply going with a commercial paint stripper. Paint thinner, soda blasting, and even hot vinegar are some other methods that you can also use. Oh, and you might be surprised to hear that WD 40 works too!

We’ll discuss the topic in-brief, but if you’d like a quick list of 7 DIY methods to read when you’re done then check out this 3rd party link here.

That said, let’s take a look at the basics!

How do you remove paint from a concreteHow do you remove paint from a concrete floor floor?

Your easiest and best option for removing paint from a concrete floor is good, old-fashioned paint stripper. While there are a lot of ways to clean concrete, if you are dealing with a lot of paint then going with paint stripper is really going to save you the most time.

A good paint stripper will remove the paint in layers and if you hate the smell, then you can always go with a citrus-based stripper that will have less of a scent to it and will still strip the paint quite effectively.

Just strip off what you can manually and apply your stripper per the instructions on your label. Once let it soak long enough, the paint should loosen and come off quite easily. You can repeat the process for any residue as-needed, but that first application should definitely deal with the lion’s share of the mess.

Now, there are other options if you don’t want to go with a chemical stripper, so let’s talk about those next!

What else takes dry paint off concrete?

What else takes dry paint off concreteLots of other things will take paint of concrete, such as paint thinner, soda blasting (an alternative to sand blasting that uses sodium bicarbonate), or my personal favorite… vinegar. Hot vinegar, to be precise. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always got some vinegar around the house and so for me, personally, this method is convenient, inexpensive, and effective enough that it’s the first thing I’ll try.

If you want to use vinegar to remove dry paint from concrete, here is what you do:

  • Get a cup of distilled white vinegar and pop it in a microwave-safe bowl and heat it enough to get it hot. For my microwave this is usually 15 – 20 seconds but your mileage may vary.
  • Using gloves and a sponge, apply your hot vinegar to the paint. It should bubble up a bit immediately but you want to let it soak for about 15 minutes for best results.
  • Scrub at the concrete with a wire brush and simply repeat as necessary and then wash the area with good old soap and water.

Like I said, it’s inexpensive, easy, and it works. Give it a try and you can see for yourself, hot vinegar really works a treat!

Does WD 40 remove concrete paint?Does WD 40 remove concrete paint

Yes, it does, though I don’t recommend it for large paint stains. That said, with small spray paint stains and the like, WD 40 once again proves it’s worth. If you’d like to remove some paint using WD 40, here is all that you’ll need to do:

  • Test out a spray of WD 40 on an area of concrete that is out of the way or simply a patch that you don’t like as much as the rest. Once you’ve confirmed that there is no discoloration or other ill effects, then we are ready to apply it.
  • Get yourself a sponge and spray a little WD 40 on the area. You are going for a light coating, so there’s not need to overdo it, and you can use your sponge to even out the coat so that the WD 40 can work its magic.
  • Let it soak for about 15 minutes, loosening up the paint, and you should be able to clean the rest with a little soap, warm water, and elbow grease. Voilla, your concrete should be clean (if not, give it another go and you should be fine, unless it’s a big mess and then you might need something stronger!).

In closing

In this article we’ve talked about the best paint remover for concrete floors and for most jobs, that’s going to be paint stripper. If you don’t like that option, however, a much more nature friendly alternative is hot vinegar and elbow grease to get out those stubborn stains. Finally, WD 40 can do just about anything, and paint removal happens to be one of those things.

Hang on to these easy tips and the next you spill a little paint on your concrete, then you won’t let it ruin your day! Just strip it or vinegar it right up, scrub a little, and get on with your day!

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