Can You Use Acrylic Paint With Rubber Stamps?

Can You Use Acrylic Paint With Rubber StampsIf you are wondering ‘can you use acrylic paint with rubber stamps?’ then today is your lucky day. Yes, you can use acrylic paint with rubber stamps, and it really looks amazing. The acrylic turns into a semi-plastic seal that you can put envelopes, letters, or even homemade scrolls! It looks good and it’s easy to do!

Today I’ll tell you a little about this, as well as whether or not you can use acrylic paint in nail stamping, and we’ll take a moment to discuss what surfaces are perfectly suitable for your beloved acrylic paints. Let’s have a little fun with acrylic!

How do you use acrylic paint with rubber stamps?How do you use acrylic paint with rubber stamps

Using acrylic paint with rubber stamps is fun and super-easy to do. If you’ve got your paints and you’ve got your stamps, you’ll just need pads for the acrylic. You can make these easily by supergluing some sponges to slightly-larger bits of flat plastic. After that, brush a little acrylic paint on your sponge and follow my neat-little-list of acrylic stamping steps below:

  • Prepare a padded surface. You can use a really big mouse-pad or even a few newspapers will do.
  • Put the item that you wish to stamp on top of this and hold your stamp up sideways.
  • The thick acrylic paint is gonna stick to your sponge, so bring the sponge in contact to your stamp very gently. Don’t much it in or roll your stamp around or you might get funky results.
  • Stamp your target using a straight up and down motion and resist the urge to roll it around. If the acrylic is wet, it’ll take, and it’ll look best if you do it straight up and down.

Voilla! Let it dry and you’ve got a good looking plasticky stamp in your favorite acrylic color! Play around if you like by brushing more than one color on the same stamp and you can get some cool effects.


Does acrylic paint work for nail stamping?

Does acrylic paint work for nail stampingYes! If you have a nail stamping tool and you’ll like to use your favorite acrylics, then you can definitely do so. Much like the stamp procedure I just described, using your nail stamper with acrylic is the same as you would with a nail polish. Like nail polish, the acrylic dries pretty fast, and so you can make some nail stamping designs without having to shell out the cash for those fancy stamp-specific polishes.

Give it a try and see what you think, just be sure to test a small dab of the acrylic paint on your fingernails first to make sure that you like the color compliment before you commit to stamping it in place.

What surfaces can you use acrylic paint on?What surfaces can you use acrylic paint on

There’s a reason that everyone loves acrylic paints. They look good, they dry fast, and if science is right, your acrylic paintings might well last a thousand years! With that in mind, it’s good to know exactly what you can use acrylic on, so here’s a convenient list of surfaces:

Keep in mind that some of the surfaces are going to require that you sand them first or use a little primer, so be sure to research your intended surface before you put those acrylics on. The preparation steps are usually just there to make sure that the acrylic paint sticks to the surface in the first place but once you’ve got it on, it should harden and with a little sealing then you can enjoy whatever you’ve painted for a good, long time.

Some final words

Yes, you can use acrylic paint with rubber stamps, and it also works well with nail stamping if you’d like to do something a little unique with your nails. Acrylic paint is suitable because like the inks and polishes for both of these activities, acrylic dries quickly enough and saturates the pads enough to serve the same purpose as the original mediums you would normally employ.

Just be sure to resist the option to rock that rubber stamp back and forth or you’ll get too much acrylic on it and the stamp won’t look good. Beyond that, have a little fun with it and try some different paints, because it really produces a memorable and eye-catching look.

Before I go, since we’re talking about stamping today, be sure to check out this nice 3rd party link that includes 10 stamping techniques that you might have some fun with. It’s a good read and I hope that you enjoy it!