Cheap Art Supplies? 11 Top Places To Find Them!

Cheap Art SuppliesWhen you are ready to create you need more than a little ambition and desire – you need good supplies. As it turns out, you are in luck. I’ve got a nice list of art supplies resources that I’ll be sharing with you today so that you can do a little comparison shopping and get the best deals to keep the art machine well-oiled and running.

Come with me and I’ll show you where to find cheap art supplies!

Art gets expensive (if you don’t know where to look!)

Non-artists never understand how you price your art. For one thing, paint isn’t cheap. You want a good, solid canvas that will hold the paint and resist the elements. You’ve got to paint it, seal it, and maybe you’ll even frame it (or at least purchase a secure medium to mail it off). This doesn’t even factor in the hours or days that it takes you to paint it in the first place.

It gets expensive in both time and materials. Thankfully, there are a few places where you can save when it comes to materials for creating the art of your choice.

Yard Sales

If you are less of the ‘painting artist’ and prefer to cobble together your art from everyday mediums, then you are one of the luckiest on our list today. Yard sales are a great way to acquire your materials and you can find all kinds of things – even antiques. So, if you are the type that likes to create abstract sculpture or hollowed-out books where the exposed page-cutouts spell evocative sentences, then you are in luck because there’s always a yard sale somewhere and you can purchase your supplies for next to nothing in many cases.

For those of us that need more specialized materials, however, online vendors are often going to be the best choice. Even if you can get most of your supplies from yard sales, you should really check out some of my favorite vendors which I’ll list below. The information age is a great time to be an artist and you can get just about anything online. Take a look at some of the vendors below if you don’t believe me. You’ll not only find supplies but one of them even has free online art videos.

Check these out and see what you think!


If you don’t mind waiting awhile for your art supplies, AliExpress is a way to get some seriously good deals. This China-based vendor is a popular little guilty secret for artists around the world. You can get amazing bargains like 42 watercolor paints for around 11$, if that gives you any idea of the savings. Like many online vendors, AliExpress is a community, with a collection of vendors posting their wares along with reviews of each individual vendor so that you’ll know if there are any complaints.

If you are doing art on a budget, AliExpress is well worth considering, and if you are worried about giving your credit card information to a China-based company, then don’t be. They also currently take PayPal so you can put an extra security barrier up for your purchases and still take advantage of serious savings. Just visit the site, type ‘art supplies’, and get ready to see some wholesale prices that you can really go crazy with!

To search through AliExpress for some art bargains, simply click this convenient link.

Amazondiscount art supplies

While it’s a site that you already know about, Amazon is sometimes a great way to get competitive rates on your cheap art supplies. With new vendors popping up every day and product reviews galore, Amazon is a great way to see feedback on products that you are considering while having a place where you can purchase them at the same time if you like. They have fast, reliable delivery and plenty of deals, so don’t forget Amazon when you are looking for your supplies.

To visit this Amazon, just click this convenient link.

Create For Less

Established in 2001, Create for less is another little hidden gem in the world of discount art supplies that you might just like to keep. They have over 70,000 brand name supplies for a number of different arts and crafts. Sewing, beading, scrapbooking, crocheting, paints and more – Create For Less has a little something for everybody and they offer promotions from time to time like free shipping so it’s worth bookmarking to check for bargains on your favorite supplies.

To visit Create For Less, just click this convenient link.


Like Amazon, this is another site that everyone has heard of, but which often gets forgotten in the rush to quickly get your supplies. I always check eBay when I know exactly what I want, because the ‘buy it now’ options can get me the same kind of instant gratification as any other online vendor and if I want, I can always email the seller to negotiate a rush delivery. A lot of eBay stores have been around for a long

“I have to admit the occasional weakness for bidding on supply lots”

time so the prices tend to be competitive and I have to admit the occasional weakness for bidding on supply lots because occasionally you can get lucky and get a big old box of art supplies from an auction that you never thought that you’d win.

Don’t forget eBay, just click this convenient link to visit your old online friend.


Looking for a place where you can buy standard and even customized art supplies? What about a place where you can also sell your art? Look no further, because Etsy is that place! Etsy is a unique website designed for allowing artists to market their wares. Naturally, art supply vendors have also gravitated towards this medium to take advantage and get a little business going with said artists and the result is a community that you’ve got to see to believe.

So, next time that you are looking for some art supplies, be sure to check Etsy. The rates are competitive and if you like the results of what you are making with their supplies, why not create your own Etsy store while you’re at it? A lot of artists are making a good living there and you could too!

To visit Etsy’s online art community, just click this convenient link.

Jerry’s Artarama

North Carolina-based Jerry’s Artarama has been providing discount cheap art supplies since 1968 and they have an excellent selection for you to choose from. They’ve got things like easels, boards, fine paints, palette knives, and more. They are family owned and operated, which is always a plus when you are doing business with a particular vendor, and aside from your standard supplies they can also help you with custom framing and canvas needs. If you are looking to learn a bit, they also have free art lessons that you can access online from their website! How cool is that? Take a peek at Jerrys when you get a chance and you might find that you now have a new favorite supply vendor.

To visit Jerry’s and their free art lessons, simply click this convenient link.

Michael’s Arts and Crafts

cheap art suppliesFounded in 1973, Michaels Arts and Crafts has been providing quality art supplies nationwide for a long, long time. They are one of the leading providers in the nation and so you can get some serious savings on just about all of your art needs. Michaels is a great place to get paints, sealants, canvases, and more. They even offer home décor if you feel like spicing things up around the house.

Aside from your painting crafts, they offer a wide range of other craft items for hobbies such as scrapbooking, jewelry-making, and fabrics as well. It’s a pretty wide selection of all things art-related so when you are hunting your supplies it is well worth your time to do a little comparison shopping with Michaels.

To visit this supply vendor, just click this convenient link.


Launched in 1996, relative newcomer MisterArt has a little bit for everyone when it comes to art supplies. They offer goods for sculpting, photography, painting, scrapbooking, and more. Even better, they run regular promotions where you can often get your supplies at 50% – 75% off! Aside from your standard supplies, they also offer safety gear, furniture, and storage and transportation mediums to help make sure that your art arrives safely if you have an online store and a need to distribute.

While they aren’t as old as some of our vendors on this list, MisterArt is fiercely competitive, so you owe it to yourself to do a little price comparison. MisterArt might pleasantly surprise you and in any case, they’ve been in the business over 2 decades and as far as we’re concerned, that means that they must be doing something right!

To visit MisterArt, just click this convenient link.

Blick Art Materials

Blick is a family-owned art supply house that was founded in… wait for it… 1911! They’ve been around longer than any other vendor on our list and the supplies that you can get there certainly reflect this. They’ve got an extensive range of supplies for painting and ceramics and they even dabble a little in furniture. They’ve got online chat if you need it and some general craft and printmaking options are available as well.

To visit Blick, just click this convenient link.

Cheap Joes

Our final entry is Cheap Joes, an online supplier that has been in the art supply business since 1985! Cheap Joes is chiefly geared towards painters and offers some excellent discounts on paints, seals, canvases, and more. Joes offers weekly deals, so you’ve got a good reason to visit the site every now and again, and they’ve got online chat throw in the mix so if you have any questions then someone is actually there to answer you.

Not too shabby in this impersonal information age, no?

To check out Cheap Joes, just click this convenient link.

finding art supplies

In closing

So, there you have it. These are my favorite online vendors and I hope that you find them useful. Just create a favorites folder and add all of these and you’ve got a create base for comparison shopping that will save you appreciable amounts of cash. Mind you, if you are anything like me, you’ll just spend that extra cash on art supplies too but let’s face it.

Your art is your life and none of us would have it any other way!

Finally, a last-minute mention for saving is an extension called ‘Honey’ which is free and when you install it, you can get comparison rates on items that you are purchasing for over 40,000 online vendors. Even better, you can set up a price watch that allows you to see when items that you are looking for just happen to be on-sale. If you want to give it a try for yourself, just click this link.

Here’s to saving a ton on cheap art supplies! Here, here!


Cheap Art Supplies

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