Cool Cartoon Animal Drawings?

Cool Cartoon Animal DrawingsWhen you want to draw animals there are a few go-to staples of mine that I’d like to recommend. For cool cartoon animal drawings, you can’t go wrong with marsupials, horses, and reptiles. Marsupials have an odd look to them that really challenges you and catches the viewer’s eye. Horses are great articulation practice and beautiful to look at. Reptiles are sleek and seem somewhat alien, despite their heavy presence in nature’s kingdom.

Let’s explore some cool cartoon and animal drawings for fun and practice!

Marsupialsmarsupials to draw

Looking for animals that lend well to cartoons? I recommend going with marsupials. Kangaroos are fun, because you never know what other animals might poke out of a mother’s pouch, but there are quite a few marsupials that are a lot more fun for cartooning.

Take Sugargliders, for instance. These little guys are nocturnal, so they have enormous black eyes, but as the name implies, they can also glide… so they have little wing-membranes much like you’d see on a flying squirrel.

That’s not even the weirdest, of course. Synapsidas, or ‘marsupial mole’, actually have a rear-facing pouch so that their pouches don’t fill with dirt when they dig. If you really want surreal, though, with a bit of recognition to go with it, draw-up a cartoon Platypus. They have that weird duck-beaver look going that really doesn’t get enough cartoon attention.

So, give marsupials a try when you feel like cartooning some animals that don’t get enough attention. It’ll keep you on your toes and who knows? You might just find some new favorite animals to draw.


drawing cool horsesHorses are a classic favorite for artists and for good reason. You’ve got to get learn to get those legs just right but once you’ve got it down, you can make all kinds of eye-popping sketches. Especially when you factor in cartoon physics and let things get a little silly.

If you like fantasy, then being able to draw horses means that you can take them up a notch to create Unicorns or if you can draw wings already, you can even make flying horses, aka ‘Pegasi’. Aside from majestic poses or horses at full gallop, you can always do close-up up their faces, maybe showing horsey-teeth crunching into a delicious apply (or even biting someone from behind, which is always a crowd pleaser).

Horses are fun, familiar, and they really never get old. You’ll need a lot of practice on how the legs are arranged and aside from standard sketch tutorials, you can also find slow-motion videos of them running on YouTube that you can pause and study in detail until you’ve captured the movements properly.

Give it a try! Horsin’ around with cartoon equines is lots and lots of fun!

Reptilesdrawing reptiles like alligators

My favorite go-to when it comes to reptiles is Alligators, Caimans, and Crocodiles. For one thing, in a cartoon they may easily be added with the simple addition of beady eyes and the tip of a narrow snout poking out of the waters, but there’s lots that you can do with them. Some crocs can propel themselves out of water to grab monkeys out of trees in real life, so imagine what you can do in cartoons!

Those are just my personal favorite, however, and you’ve got all kinds of reptiles to choose from. Those colorful, bug-eyed chameleons can be fun, especially with their oddly shaped hands, Basilisk lizards are fun too, as these guys can actually run on water!

You can also go with snakes, which are easy to draw at any level, though to draw them realistically you need to get down the proper slither-curves involved. The best part about reptiles, though, is that upgrading to dragons is a natural and easy step and the better you can draw regular reptiles, then the more interesting your dragons will be!

In Closing

So, there you have it! For cool animal cartoon drawings, go with interesting and odd-looking marsupials, classic favorites like horses (with wings or horns as upgrades), and sleek, sneaky reptiles of any kind. You’ve got a wide range of useful lessons contained in learning these 3 that should keep you busy and amused for a long, long time.

As an aside, for some extra info then check out this 3rd party article, ‘How to draw animals’. It’s an excellent tutorial for children of all ages. If you don’t find what you want there, simply a peek at our own ‘100 Fun Things To Draw For Practice And Fun’ for a huge list to get those creative juices flowing. You can always find something cool to cartoon with the right inspiration, so give it a glance and see what you can make!

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