DIY Remove Paint From Clothes?

DIY Remove Paint From ClothesSome days it feels like I get more paint in my clothes than on my canvas. It’s a good thing, at least, that I’ve got a few DIY remove paint from clothes solutions handy and I’ll share those with you today.

For instance, a baking soda and warm water soak are a great DIY remove paint from clothes trick to get out stubborn paint stains. You can also use a little white vinegar to get it out or if you want to do the opposite, you can paint acrylic on clothes and get it to stick!

Today I’ll tell you how it’s done so that you won’t have to worry so much about those accidental paint-placements that you didn’t really intend. Pay close attention, these are tricks that are easy and worth keeping handy!

Does baking soda remove paint from clothes?Does baking soda remove paint from clothes?

Yes, indeedy, baking soda can be just the thing for getting a little paint out of your clothing. All that you need to do is just to pour a little in some water and heat it to boiling. After that, you can soak your clothing in the solution of baking soda and water and it should loosen that paint right up for a regular watch.

Alternately, you can mix just a little warm water into baking soda until it’s the consistency of paste. Rub it into the paint and let it stay there for about an hour. After that, throw it in the washing machine and you should be good to go.

This also works for bloodstains in a pinch, so keep a little baking soda handy. It’s super absorbent and gets out those pesky stains!

Does white vinegar remove paint stains?

Does white vinegar remove paint stainsWhite vinegar can definitely get paint and other stains out of clothing, you’ll just want to make sure that it’s nice and diluted. The optimal mix is 1 part vinegar to 10 parts of water and it doesn’t have to be warm. Just mix it well, cold, and soak some up into a sponge.

Sponge it in to your paint stain thoroughly and then dab it dry with another sponge and it should dissolve up that paint a bit for you. Repeat the process as-needed, but generally 2 or 3 times can really make a difference and a regular wash after that might be all that you need to get your clothes back to looking-good again.

You can also mix in a little baking soda with the vinegar if you’ve got a particularly stubborn stain. Just sponge it on and let the mixture sit for 15 or 20 minutes before giving the item a wash. With a little luck it should look good as new in no-time!

Is acrylic paint permanent on clothes?Is acrylic paint permanent on clothes

Well, yes and no. If you apply acrylic paint directly to clothes fabric, it will stick, but it’s going to be a bit stiff and will crack on you fairly quickly. This is actually a good thing, however, as you can still get your acrylic paint to stick and get it looking perfect before you make it more permanent.

You’re just going to need to add a little textile medium!

Here are the steps to make your acrylic paint permanent on your clothing:

  • Pick your colors and get some small, separate containers for the new colors we’ll mix.
  • Mix 1 part of your textile medium to 2 parts of your acrylic paint in the separate containers that you’ve gathered.
  • Stick some wax paper or just some carboard under the fabric and paint it up as you like.
  • Let it air dry for a good 24 hours and then take it down for the final part of this process… setting it in properly.
  • Turn your painted fabric so that it is inside-out and put a layer of old, clean fabric over it. Using a household iron on a ‘cotton’ setting, press it down and hold it firmly on our fabric barrier for approximately 20 seconds. Keep it firm and still, do NOT move it around.

If you do this with all of the painted areas, then you’ve added a nice layer of durability to your paint work. Just be sure that when you wash your painted clothing that you turn it inside-out first and only use cold water and NO bleach. Iron both sides if you want to make it extra tough and your acrylic clothing is ready to wear!

DIY remove paint from clothes tips and tricks: Now you’re ready to clean those clothes!

Today I’ve told you how to remove paint from clothes with some simple household items and also how to put acrylic paint on those clothes, just in case you wanted it there in the first place. Use a baking soda and hot water soak or a baking-soda paste to get paint stains out easily, or you can use a little white vinegar and water to do the trick nicely as well. Finally, acrylic paint is permanent on clothes, just make sure to keep cracking at bay with a little textile medium and some attention from your iron.

If you’d like some more paint removal tips, I’ve got an extensive DIY paint remover guide that you can see here and as an added treat, here is a 3rd party article that deals specifically with removing wall paint from your clothes.  Collect as many tips as you can, because you never know when some paint is gonna get stuck in your favorite shirt… it happens much more often to me than I’d like to admit!

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