Does Acrylic Paint Come Off Glass?

Does Acrylic Paint Come Off GlassIf you are looking to paint glass then it’s useful to know the limits of acrylic. Does acrylic paint come off  glass? How long will it last? Well, the quick answer is that acrylic paint can be easily scraped off of the surface and won’t last for very long – unless you use a medium to set it in with more permanence. This is because the glass is non-porous, so the acrylic is simply sitting on top of it.

In today’s article I’ll tall you a little more about acrylic and how it plays with a glass surface so that you know what to expect. I’ll tell you how to make it stay on glass for a long time, as well as how to quickly remove it.

We’ll start with a closer look at how acrylic stays on glass in the first place and we’ll go on from there!

Does acrylic color stay on glass?Does acrylic color stay on glass

Glass is a smooth surface and because of it, acrylic paint can’t simply settle into the surface and set as easily as it would on a wooden surface. Getting the acrylic on your glass in the first place isn’t complicated, it’s just a little tedious.

Basically, you prime it, then you apply a layer, let it dry, and repeat your paint layers as-needed until you get the look that you are going for. The primer is a definite must-have, as it’s going to be the only way that the paint is going to stick properly to the glass. Otherwise, it will apply very thin and unevenly, because it’s need you to create that sticky surface first.

If you look around a bit, there are some acrylics which are specially formulated for glass that are the exception to this rule, but if you don’t want to hunt them down then you can just go with the primer and slow layering and your paint should stick.

Finally, if you really want the paint to last a long time, try using glass and tile medium instead of primer. It helps the paint to really stick well and you’ll be enjoying your work for many years!

How do you remove acrylic paint from glass?

How do you remove acrylic paint from glassNow that you know how to get acrylic paint on your glass, I’ll tell you how to remove it. It’s actually quite easy, due to the non-porous surface of your glass. All that you need to do is fill a plastic container with hot water and a little mild dish soap.

Put your glass into the hot water and allow it to soak for about 10 to 15 minutes, in order to properly loosen up your acrylic paint. After this, you can take it out with gloves and give it a good rubbing down with a non-abrasive scouring pad.

Most if the paint should come off right away, but you may need to repeat the process another 1 or 2 times in order to remove all of your acrylic. Alternately, after your soak and scrub, you can go after the small, remaining bits with just a cotton ball that’s been soaked in rubbing alcohol. Saturate the areas that still have a little paint on them and after 2 – 3 minutes, they should be loosened enough for you to rub the rest of the paint away.

What kind of paint will stay on glass?What kind of paint will stay on glass

As far as acrylics, there are two types of acrylics which are ideally suited for painting glass. These are going to be acrylic enamels and acrylics which are specifically formulated for use with glass and tile. You can find a fairly large selection of these online, with different colors and degrees of transparency, and after you’ve painted the piece it’s still a good idea to seal it.

Some paints will take it a step further and in order to seal in your paint, you’ll need to actually bake the glassware. This seems like an inconvenient extra step, but it’s actually quite nice, as the finished glass can hold that paint for a lifetime. This makes baking-finish acrylics a good choice for when you want to make someone a gift that should be dishwasher safe to boot (although I don’t trust that assessment completely and hand-clean all of mine… dishwasher-safe or not, they will last longer that way).

Experiment with a few of the different types to find your favorites but I highly recommend the bake-on variety of acrylic. While there are some other quality acrylics that you can paint with, I have yet to find an acrylic that lasts as long as a baked-in acrylic.

Some closing comments on acrylic paints and glass

Today I’ve talked a little about acrylic paint and it does indeed come off glass quite easily without some special preparation. The longest-lasting acrylic paint is going to be the kind that you can bake right into the glass, though you can paint with any acrylic as long as you use a primer or a glass and tile medium.

Removing acrylic paint from glass is a breeze, just use hot water and have some rubbing alcohol handy for the bits that don’t come off as easily and finally, if you want it to stick then go with an acrylic enamel or acrylics designed especially for glass and tile.

If you would like a little more information on painting acrylic onto a glass surface, you can find a great 3rd party guide here that can go into it with a little more detail. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this little exploration today and wish you the best on your glass and acrylic project!