Easy Cartoon Drawing For Kids?

Easy Cartoon Drawing For KidsGetting started early with art is a great idea. When you are young, that is when you learn things the fastest, and a few basics now can make all of the difference later. Today we’re going to talk a little about easy cartoon drawing for kids. Articulated stick figures are a fun example that we’ll discuss for teaching useful form for later, as well as anthropomorphizing everyday objects, and finally — the kid-favorite that never gets old – castles.

Learning to draw these things can keep your kids interested and teach them a lot of lessons that are harder to learn if you wait until they are older. Without further ado, let’s discuss these selections and their merits!

When you finish this article, another excellent resource for some step-by-step examples is this 3rd party article, ‘How to draw funny cartoons’. Check it out with your child and see if there is something that you both like! That said, let’s get started!

Articulated stick figuresstick figure drawing for kids

Stick figures are easy to draw and lots of fun. When a kid is starting out, a stick figure might just be a round head, with a straight line for a central body, and 2 lines each for arms and for legs. When your child starts getting bored of the same old figures, then you can have a little fun by articulating those figures. Once you’ve added elbows and knees, then the figures can be posed with a little more complexity.

Then you take things to the 3rd dimension!

At this point, I recommend that you pull out your secret weapon… a miniature articulated mannikin like this Cosmos figure.  Figures such as this one are used by artists learning realistic postures and poses all of the time, and by giving one to your child they can ow try posing it and drawing what they see.

The possibilities are fun and endless. This is also a great time to start sneaking in some tutorial on half-oval shapes for the hands and feet and before you know it, your child will be drawing much more realistic figures – simply for the fun of it!

Anthropomorphic shapes

anthropomorphic shapesAnthropomorphizing is fun and you can do it with just about anything. My favorite as a child was ‘Mr Egg’, and he was simply an egg with a funny face, stick arms, and stick legs – with sneakers. You can do this with anything, though. Funny eyes on fruits and veggies are popular choices for kids, though you can also do it with artist tools and teach some useful lessons for the future.

Most kids will pick it up quite quickly but If you need a visual prop or simply want to reward your child for practicing, you can get an inexpensive lot of googly eye stickers that you can put on just about anything to increase their hilarity level. Just be sure that you child keeps them in the house, so that you don’t get any phone calls from irritated neighbors!

When your kid starts adding eyes and faces to everything, it’s a great opportunity to teach some basic shapes, so be sure to pick lots of differently shaped items from around the house to get them to practice with. This will help their budding skills to gain a lot of accuracy, because it feels like normal playtime for your child.

Give it a try together, it’s a hoot and a great way to sneak in a few art lessons!

Castlesdrawing castles for kids

Every child likes to imagine that they are a king, queen, prince, or a princess, and naturally they are going to need a castle to live in! Castles are another way to teach 3-dimension thinking in a young artist’s mind. They start off with the standard ‘squared-u’ shape making a tower on each side and a gate smack-dab in the middle, but kids learn by example so as you show them more castles, they might just want to try drawing them!

Like all good lessons, this is something that is fun to build on, and you can even encourage the 3-dimensional thinking behind it by making a weekend of designing and drawing a castle, which you later build together with stacked boxes or with Legos!

You’ll have a great time together and the lessons in perspective that come from drawing these picturesque dwellings can last a lifetime!

Some final words on easy cartoon drawing for kids

Today we’ve taken a look at easy cartoon options for your kids to draw and I’ve provided 3 excellent examples that you can play with. Stick figures are a great introduction to human form, while anthropomorphizing everyday items can teach facial expressions or simply keep your child interested in drawing new and funny things. Last but not least, castles are something that children daydream about already, so learning to draw them can be an excellent learning experience.

If you don’t like any of these items or simply want a nice pool for inspiration, be sure to check out 100 Fun Things To Draw For Practice And Fun and you’re sure to spot something great to draw. Until next time, I wish you the best and hope that you and your budding artist offspring have a great time drawing new things.

Memories like this are the ones that you’ll both always treasure!

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