How To Paint A Guitar Pick?

How To Paint A Guitar PickPersonalization is one of the fun parts about playing guitar. You can paint up your guitar how you like it, but you certainly don’t have to stop there. Why not paint your pick, too? Painting a pick is easy and it’s a lot of fun to do. Basically, it just requires that that you start with a white base, paint over that, and then gloss over it when it’s finished.

Today I’ll walk you through how basic pick painting is done, including adding a picture, and whether or not things like stickers are good to put on your guitar. Without further ado, let’s talk about customizing your guitar picks!

Can I paint a guitar pick?Can I paint a guitar pick

Yes, you certainly can! Painting a guitar pick is easy-peasy, and you can even cut out new picks from scratch by using old, expired credit cards or hotel keys and simply cutting out the right shape by tracing a pick that you already have. Once you’ve got your pick, here is what you need to do:

  • Start off by painting your new pick white so that we have a good base to start with and let this dry.
  • Next, paint on your base coat so that your pick is going to have the background color that you desire.
  • After you have done this and let it dry, you spice them up a little with some paintbrush flicks of a nice, contrasting color or simply gloss them over plain if that is your preference. Alternately, you could also make a design and we’ll touch on that in the next section.
  • As far as your gloss, a single coat will do it, but more gloss will get you a cooler looking pick. Just pay attention to the labelling so that you know when it’s dried enough for the successive coats and when you are done, let it dry for the time which they proscribe.

How do you put a picture on a guitar pick?

How do you put a picture on a guitar pickIf you don’t have the skill to simply paint on a picture that you like, then there are two easy ways to put a customized picture on your guitar picks. The first method is to find a graphic that you like and to reduce it in size, so that it will fit in the center of the pick without interfering during play.

Next, you can either get some sticker paper if you have a printer or visit your local printshop and print a few stickers out of the image that you like and put them directly on your pick.

If you don’t feel like leaving the house, but you’ve got the printer, then you can always resize the image, print it out, and just use a strong glue to put it on your pick. Personally, I think that the sticker looks better but if you are careful with the glue then it looks quite nice.

Is it bad to put stickers on your guitar?Is it bad to put stickers on your guitar

Yes. While you can put something like fretboard stickers on your guitar with minimal issues, anything else is not recommended. You could conceivably put them on the back of your guitar, for instance, but nobody will see them there.

On the front of your guitar, however, you run into two problems. First off, you might affect your sound quality. You’re putting a small amount of pressure in whatever area that you are applying your sticker to and this could potential dull your sound a little and that’s simply not worth the risk.

Secondly, even if you apply a sticker and your guitar sounds fine, what happens when you want to remove it later? Getting the adhesive off safely is tricky and the normal methods, such as alcohol or acetone, run the risk of damaging the guitar itself. You can’t even steam it off, because heat makes wood expand and even though it might NOT damage your guitar, why risk it?

Painting designs in acrylics and sealing them or even better, having a pro do it for you, is a much safer way to get some decoration on your axe without risking the sound of the materials. For a nice step-by-step on painting a guitar, check out this 3rd party link here. They’ve got some great info so that you’ll know what supplies you’ll need along with every step!

In conclusion

Painting a guitar pick and even making one from scratch is easy, fun, and addictive. Just don’t forget to start with the white base and to gloss over your work after the basecoat and any designs that you like have been added. If you can’t paint a picture, you can always print a sticker or glue a picture in and it looks great if you don’t rush the work.

Just don’t put stickers anywhere near your actual guitar because getting them off safely is risky at best. I hope that you’ve enjoyed the tips today and wish you luck making your new and stylin’ picks!

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