How To Remove Chalk Paint From Hardware?

How To Remove Chalk Paint From HardwareChalk paint is great for producing a distressed, vintage look, but what happens if you want to get rid of it and start over? If you’re wondering how to remove chalk paint from hardware, then today is your lucky day!

Removing chalk paint from hardware is actually quite easy. You can use things like vinegar, acetone, or mineral spirits if you have them around the house. Paint stripper also works and household baking soda can get chalk paint out of brass.  With wood, you just need some hot water and all-purpose cleaner.

Today I’ll tell you some of the most common ways to get this done and you can see how easy it is for yourself!

How to remove chalk paint with paint stripperHow to remove chalk paint with paint stripper

Removing chalk paint with a paint stripper is a piece of cake and it’s also good backup when you are using a household cleaner like vinegar or acetone and having trouble getting some grooved areas clean. To do this, select a paint stripper that is appropriate for the surface which you are working with and use the following steps:

  • Apply your paint stripper and let it sit for the time recommended on the products label. Generally, 20 or 30 minutes will be sufficient to get the chalk paint a little bubble, softer, and more pliable.
  • Scrape at the surface with a putty knife to get out what you can.
  • If you have some remnants that are still hard to get too, try a little hot vinegar and an old, clean toothbrush to get at the remaining bits.

If you have some questions about how weather or specific surfaces may factor in to stripping this paint, take a look at the guide I’ve has posted about DIY paint remover. It’s got some more detailed information, just in case you are interested!

How do you remove chalk paint from brass hardware?

How do you remove chalk paint from brass hardwareLet’s say that you are looking to remove some chalk paint from a bit of brass hardware. What’s the best way to go? Well, with the larger pieces, that same paint stripper method will generally work, but with smaller ones you can get the job done quite well with just hot water!

Gather together the following items:

  • Teapot or another boiling pot
  • Aluminum pan
  • Soft-bristle brush
  • Putty knife
  • Soft, lint-free cloth
  • Heat-resistant rubber gloves

Once you’ve got these items, place the small, brass items that you wish to clean in your aluminum pan and put the kettle on so that your water will boil. Once it’s nice and hot, carefully pour it into your pan and let them items soak for 5 or 6 minutes and watch the paint.

It should start to bubble as it is loosening up, bit if it is a little stubborn then feel free to pour out the water and repeat the soaking process. The hot water should loosen up the paint enough to go after it with your putty knife or your soft-bristle brush until the paint is removed.

Once your done, dry the metal and a thin coating of some mineral oil may be rubbed in at this time to keep any tarnish at bay until you decide what to do with your newly clean brass.

Can chalk paint be removed easily from wood?Can chalk paint be removed easily from wood

Yes! There are many ways to get chalk paint out of wood but one of the easiest is to simply a bit of water and some all-purpose household cleaner. If the chalk paint is still damp, you can even remove it with just a wet rag!

As far as with the all-purpose cleaner, just use a splash of it in a cup of warm water, dabbing a cloth into this mixture to put a little on the wood (not a lot!) and give the wood a good scrubbing with a soft-bristle brush. Be sure to dry it well with a lint-free cloth afterwards, as it’s not good for the wood to be wet for long period of time.

The chalk paint should come right out. If it happens to have a wax seal over it, don’t fret, as a little turpentine will loosen it up enough and a light sanding after that will get to where you can remove the remaining chalk paint.

In closing

So, there you have it! Now you know how to get chalk paint out of hardware, with a little warm vinegar, paint stripper, or even some hot water and a little all-purpose cleaner. Be careful not to oversaturate the surface if you are working with wood, and if you are working with brass then some mineral spirits can keep away tarnish after you’ve cleaned and dried the pieces.

By the way, if you are interested in how to actually paint with chalk paint, be sure to check out this great 3rd party article here. It’s got some excellent tips on enhancing the look of wooden furniture and is well worth a peek!

Until next time, I wish you the best of luck with your projects!

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