Simple Acrylic Paintings: Best 50 Ideas!

Simple Acrylic PaintingsAcrylic painting is a joy. You’ve got a wide range of colors and you can use them on all kinds of mediums. So, what should you paint? Whether you are new to acrylic painting or simply feel like going back to the basics, we’ve compiled a list of ideas for simple acrylic paintings that you can use to sharpen up your skills or simply wind away the evening doing what you love.

Let’s get those creative juices flowing!

Acrylics are great for a number of different mediums

You’ve presumably already got your supplies but you also need to decide what you will be painting on. Acrylics are great fun because they not only look good, but you can apply them to a number of surfaces. Here are some of the mediums which you may transform with your collection of colorful acrylics:

As you can see, you’ve got an important choice to make! So, figure out what you would like to paint on or simply go through the ideas that we will list for you below to get those creative gears turning in your head until you know exactly what you will be creating today.

1. Abstract representations of fruitacrylic fruit painting

Bowls or other arrangements of fruit are commonly recommended for painting and it’s understandable. Fruit comes in many amazing colors and textures, making it an interesting exercise to capture. When you are starting off, that can be a little frustrating, but remember that you aren’t limited to ‘creating a photo’ type representation.

Get a little abstract’

Create pair shapes with a large and a small triangle, with a rectangular stem. Create cubic representations of different fruits, that have the wrong shape, but the right colors! Have a little fun with it and see what you can create.

2. Simple floral arrangements

acrylic flowers paintingYou can also do the same with floral arrangements. These simple acrylic paintings don’t have to look exactly like flowers unless you want them to. Think about the shapes that make up what you are seeing and break them down and interpret them YOUR way. Alternately, you can try to paint them as-is, because it really is a great way to learn. Everyone has to start somewhere and there’s a reason that flowers are recommended. You can learn a lot from their shapes and shading.

3. Narcissistic Self-portraitwater reflection

Paint a small, reflective body of water with a humanoid shape reflecting back, though the source is not visible. Don’t worry so much about detailing yourself being reflected in the water if you are just getting started, but if you can make a humanoid shape and put your focus in reproducing the eyes then you’ve got a fun experiment that can really turn out aesthetically interesting.

Don’t forget to add some lily pads or even a wavery, curious fish (or the suggestion of one via some

“Don’t forget to add some lily pads or even a wavery, curious fish”

shading and shape) and see what comes of it. You might just like the results.

4. Segmented colors -bind cloth

segmented color acrylicA simple, yet eye catching painting that you can create will require some cloth strips (or you can use wide bandages) and some clothespins. Drape the bandages across your canvas at various angles and clip the edges with clothespins to secure them. Paint different colors in the remaining spaces and the bandages will soak up most of any ‘mistakes’. Remove the cloth and voilla, you have colored shapes separated in white in a pleasing arrangement.

5. Paint computer circuitry in unexpected colorscomputer circuit acrylic

You can get old circuit boards at your local flea market or even simply download and print a pic to go off of. It’s more fun this the actual board, so that it’s not 2-dimensional but that’s up to you. Paint what you see with your acrylics but go for an unconventional color scheme. The results can be quite beautiful and thought-provoking and the geometric shapes may be easier for you to paint than organic examples like fruits or flowers.

6. Paint a Roman bust

roman bust for acrylic paintingRoman statues and busts were originally painted, though the paint eroded from them long ago. You can get ceramic busts fairly cheaply online and this can give you the chance to use your acrylics to recreate what they might have looked like. It’s a fun experiment and gives you something nice and elegant to gift or to display in your home.

In closing (more ideas below)

Today we’ve explored simple acrylic painting options that you can try or simply use to inspire you to projects of your own. Acrylics really are a versatile medium, so whether you are painting a canvas, glass, metal, or even fabric, you’re assured to get vibrant colors and a striking effect. So, keep practicing and give one or more of these little projects a try. You’ll get some useful practice in and what you create might just give everyone a surprise – including yourself!

If none of these ideas are exactly your cup of tea, just scroll down for more. Find something you like and don’t waste the daylight… you’ve got some painting to do!



log over body of water near trees painting







blue and white abstract painting










brown tree on rocky mountain during daytime










Simple Acrylic Paintings: Best 50 Ideas!








blue and white abstract painting







teal and white abstract painting







red, yellow, and blue abstract painting







white and black abstract painting










acrylic field







acrylic dew







 green wooden door closed 







Simple Acrylic Paintings: Best 50 Ideas!










white and red abstract painting










brown wooden door closed








river under trees painting







blue and white abstract painting 







painting of icy mountain










girl in white dress sitting on rock painting










brown and grey trees and rock formation painting







green and yellow leaf trees








painting of mountains







river painting 









brown and white house near body of water painting










black and white abstract painting







red and white abstract painting







pink blue and green abstract painting







closed red wooden gate










black and yellow abstract painring








white and black abstract painting








teal wooden closed door








yellow, brown, and green abstract painting








log over body of water near trees painting







yellow flowers potted beside concrete wall illustration








river under trees painting







red blue and green abstract painting








red and yellow flowers in bloom










water droplets on glass panel







blue and white abstract painting







Simple Acrylic Paintings: Best 50 Ideas!








green and multicolored abstract art








Painting of Stonehenge







green and yellow trees on mountain







multicolored abstract painting







Simple Acrylic Paintings: Best 50 Ideas!









Simple Acrylic Paintings

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