Something Cute To Draw For A Girl?

Something Cute To Draw For A GirlWhile boys and girls may certainly draw whatever they like, there’s no denying that little girls often have a weakness for drawing cute things. So, what’s something cute to draw for a girl who is just having fun with her art pencils? I’m glad that you’ve asked. While I have a guide up called 100 Fun Things To Draw For Practice And Fun, today we’ll give a girl-centric focus on favorites like unicorns, anime characters, and pink piggies in ice cream cones!

Unicorns are fun because they’re definitely cute and with 4 legs, your kid will learn a little articulation drawing them. Anime characters are great as well as an excellent introduction to drawing realistic figures. Finally, pink piggies in ice cream cones are easy to draw and just good, simple fun!

Let’s look at something cute to draw for a girl wanting to have some artistic fun!

Unicornshow to draw a cartoon unicorn

Unicorns or even plain ol’ horses are always a favorite with girls and while you might never agree to get them that pony they are asking for, you can certainly teach them how to draw one. Cartoon horses are certainly easier to draw than realistic ones, and articles like this 3rd party one entitled ‘how to draw a unicorn for beginners’ are all over the net and break up everything you need to know into easily-digestible steps.

Learning to draw these cartoon fantasy horses now means that when it’s time to draw the real thing, your girl is going to have the edge, and they might even start looking up Google lessons on their own on how to do this.

So, consider giving cute unicorn sketch-lessons to your child. It’s a favorite animal already and you might just be surprised how easy it is to draw a cute and cartoony one.

Anime characters

drawing anime charactersAnime cartoons are great for kids and especially for girls. Aside from the standard ‘cartoon princess’, if your daughter wants to draw a warrior-princess with a smile and a sword then that’s definitely something that she can learn to draw.

The internet is really going to be your friend on this and if you have a printer at home, you can print up a lot of available step by step instructions and there are also lots of YouTube videos to take advantage of. There are lots of books on the topic as well, such as ‘Drawing Chibi Supercute Characters Easy for Beginners & Kids’ that can show you how to draw easy beginning anime characters to get them started.

Anime-style characters are already popular in kids shows, so if you’ve been looking for a way to get your little girl interested in drawing, then super-cute anime characters might be just what the doctor ordered. So, be sure to check out some of the resources that you’ve got available, then snap up some nice regular and colored pencils and share a weekend of drawing anime characters together.

If it catches on, your child will really get an amazing head-start on a very artistic future!

Pigs in ice cream cones

pig in an ice cream coneGetting kids interested in drawing things that you want them to draw can be tricky. Everyone has different levels of talent and it’s easy to get frustrated, so one fun drawing exercise that was recommended by a friend of mine is ‘piggies in ice cream cones’.

While they aren’t elaborate or fancy, they are cute and easy to draw, and getting your child to love drawing is the most important lesson of all. Piggies in cones just need a cone shape, a circular head, piggy ears, eyes, and a smile – they’re basic, cute, and fun.

If you want to get your little girl to deviate from the lesson and to learn a little more, you can Google different cartoon piggies or simply other cartoon animals that might well like a home in an ice-cream cone as well. Who wouldn’t, after all?!

Give this little drawing exercise a try and see what happens… just make some space on the refrigerator, because you’ve got some chilly-cool piggies coming soon!

Some closing words

Today we’ve talked about something cute to draw for a girl (or for a boy who also likes cute things!). Kid favorites that come highly recommended are unicorns, for their high cuteness ratings and early articulation lessons, anime figures for teaching more realistic drawing while keeping things fun and cute, and piggies in ice cream cones… just for the fun of it!

Give each or even all of these a try and see how your child reacts. All it takes is a little inspiration, along with a ready supply of paper and pencils, and before you know it you’ll have a new young artist in the household.

Just be patient with the process and above all, have fun with it. You’ll be happy that you did!

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